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Value Engineering for Every Project

You deserve to get the best quality for your buck, and Huber Hauling is a company designed to make that happen. If you need materials hauled to or away from your site, we can help coordinate with other clients that may need those same materials so that both of you get a better deal and neither of you has to deal with wasted time, money, or materials.

Our diverse fleet of equipment and materials hauled makes us the most flexible and experienced company for the job. Whether you need your equipment transported with care or simply need a quick way to haul sand or gravel products to your site, our skilled team can take care of it.

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Why Work with Huber?

The size and makeup of our fleet gives us the ability to take on jobs of all types and sizes, from one load to 1,000+ loads. Time is money in the midst of a project. Huber’s logistics team ensures your hauler is there when you need it, and we pride ourselves on our ability to work quickly and efficiently.

Strong Relationships

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Huber will help connect you to people who have what you need by transporting product that needs to be hauled away from one job site to another job site that needs it. A relationship with Huber means no product will go to waste if it can be avoided. We stay in touch with our regular customers to see if they have a product need that another customer can fill and vice versa.

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Logistics Management

With Huber Hauling, you’ll never have to worry about the specifics of coordinating the drop-off and pick-up of hauling materials. Our team concisely and efficiently manages the logistics involved in each hauling project so that everything runs smoothly for you. We’re also happy to keep you informed about what is happening every step of the way.

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Reliable Equipment

We don’t cut corners at Huber, and a big part of that is using only the safest, most dependable equipment. Our sturdy trucks are designed to haul all types of materials, from site materials to machinery that needs to be safely transported. Our fleet of trucks is growing every year so that we can keep up with our customers’ needs.

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Huber Hauling began as a service to our parent company, Huber Grading, so that we wouldn’t have to depend on other local haulers, but it soon became a bigger opportunity. After we acquired our first five trucks, we then realized we would need five more, then five more, and so on. When we started in order to serve the needs of Huber Grading, we didn’t expect that other companies in the industry had the same need, and Huber Hauling began to grow exponentially.

Since June 2014, we have grown into a fleet of 25+ trucks with more being acquired every year. The majority of our business today is done for other local contractors, quarries, sand pits, and individuals. We owe our success to our hardworking employees. We pride ourselves on providing safe and efficient drivers that pay close attention to detail. Without our drivers, we wouldn’t be able to succeed, no matter how many trucks were in our fleet.

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Material Hauling

We’re capable of hauling materials of all shapes, sizes, and amounts to your commercial or residential job site. Whether you need trucks full of riprap or road stone, our drivers will arrive on time with your materials ready to be unloaded. We have relationships with local Iowa quarries and pits in order to supply all the materials you need.

Our Clients

Huber can haul anything for anyone. Whether it be a one-time job hauling sand for an above ground pool in a residential backyard, or making thousands of loads for a DOT job, Huber Hauling has the fleet to accomplish any project in a timely manner.

Equipment Hauling

The Huber fleet has extensive experience hauling anything from a small forklift or skid loader to oversized and overweight equipment up to 156k pounds gross. If you have it, we can haul it to and from where you need it to be located.


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