An operator works at a grading site.
Renaud Ridge
Huber undergoes grading work at Chevalia Ridge.
Chevalia Ridge
A birds-eye view of Fieldstone Estates, a Huber Grading project.
Fieldstone Estates
A blueprint
4754 NE 22nd Street
A blueprint
St. Mary’s Pond
A blueprint
Storage Lagoon
A blueprint
4 Mile Drive Industrial Park
Huber completes work in Elkhart.
Elkhart Industrial Park
A blueprint
Waukee Vista Commercial Park
A birds-eye view of the My Place hotel in Altoona.
My Place Hotel
A birds-eye view of Fitness World in Ankeny, Iowa.
Fitness World
A blueprint
Stadium View Suites
A birds-eye view of Brookhaven Estates during the grading project.
Brookhaven Estates Plat 1
Huber trucks work amidst dirt at the Westport Plat.
Westport Plat 1